Tuition $40.00 per month


Costume:                                 $75.00
Christmas Recital Fee:          $55.00
Spring Recital Fee:                $55.00

Total Fees:                             $185.00

Classes Offered

Class meets 1 x a week for 1 hour and is during school hours.  (Ages 2 ½ – 5)

This class is specifically designed for dancers ages 2 ½ - 5 year of age.  The focus is on stressing the quality of movement, exercise, rhythm, and creativity.  The primary purpose of this class is to develop a love for the movement of dance and to have fun! This class performs at our Christmas and Spring Recitals.  Attire:  Any color leotard and tights, ballet shoes and black tap shoes, hair pulled back in a ponytail. 

Class Times:  Tuesdays - 10 am 5 year olds, 11am 4 years olds, 1pm 3 year olds, 2 pm 5 year olds.

Creative Movement

Recreation Classes

Competition Dance