Competition Teams 3rd Grade & Up

These classes can be added to the Core Competition Teams Classes.

Hip Hop

45 minutes/week

This class can be added to the Core for $15.00/month.  

We are going to have a guest choreographer for all Hip 

Hop routines.

Hip Hop Costume:                 $100.00
Hip Hop Shoes:                       $75.00
Competition Fees:                  $140.00
Choreography &
Practice Fees:                          $100.00

Total Fees:                                $415.00

Competition Teams

Recreation Classes

Classes Offered


30 minutes/week

This class can be added to the Core for $10.00/month.  This class cannot be taken alone.

Show Costume:                       $160.00
Competition Fees:                  $140.00
Choreography &
Practice Fee:                            $40.00

Total Fees:                               $340.00

Competition Teams Core Classes Tuition & Fees

 Tuition - $170.00 per month


Jazz Costume:                                                            $100.00
Competition Fees:                                                     $140.00
Guest Choreography &
Practice Fees:                                                             $110.00
Contemporary Costume:                                         $100.00
Competition Fees:                                                    $140.00
Choreography &
Practice Fees:                                                             $25.00

 Nutcracker Costume Rental:                                 $40.00
 Nutcracker Practice Fee:                                        $40.00

 Christmas Recital Fee:                                             $55.00

 Showcase Fee:                                                           $55.00
 Parent Preview Fee:                                                 $20.00

 Total Fees:                                                                 $825.00

2023-2024 General Information

Come be a part of our Competition Teams at Studio 1!  Our Competition Teams attend 4 competitions each year as well as perform in our Nutcracker at the Christmas Recital and in our end of the year Showcase!  Our competition teams compete in Jazz and Contemporary and have the option to compete in Hip Hop and our Show Routine!  Our Company Teams will also attend 1 Convention.  This year our Competition Teams will have the option to perform in Disneyland in January 2024!  We are so excited!!

Our competition teams have won numerous high point and overall awards at our competitions.  They have won awards for outstanding technique and best choreography!  Our competition dancers are well trained in ballet, jazz technique and acro.  They have a stretch class and a combo class that they take each week as well as all their choreography classes.
Competition Teams Core Classes (Prices are listed below)

 Core Classes Include:

2 ½ hours of Ballet – Ballet technique and Nutcracker Choreography (Dancers 11 and older will also be doing a ½ hour of prep for pointe)
1 hour Jazz Technique
1 hour Combo/Stretch Class – Every other week we do a stretch class alternating with a combo class where the dancers learn a combo from one of our instructors or guest instructors.
45 minute Jazz Choreography – This class is where they learn their Jazz competition routine
45 minute Contemporary Choreography – This class is where they learn their Contemporary competition routine.
Optional Add On Classes:

 45 minute Hip Hop Choreography – This class is where they learn their Hip Hop Competition routine.
30 minutes Show Routine Choreography – This routine brings all the dancers together to perform a 10 minute show routine.  It gives them the opportunity to do a character routine and work together as a team.
Acro – This class will is highly recommended for all our dancers who want to improve their acro skills.  Basic acro skills as well as advanced acro tricks will be taught with proper technique.​
Advanced Technique – This is a great class for any dancer who wants to improve their technique.  Dancers who take this class will progress faster.  Dancers who want to try out for drill are encouraged to take this class.
Pointe (by invitation only) - This class performs in our Christmas Recital & Showcase

Advanced Technique

 1 hour/week

This class can be added to the Core for $20/month

Tuition and Fees Payment Options

Tuition is due the first week of each month.  A $15.00 late fee will be added to all accounts not paid in full by the 15th of each month. We accept cash, check or Venmo.  If you have more than one child in dance you can subtract $5.00 off the tuition for 2nd, 3rd, 4th child etc.

There are 2 options to pay your fees:  Option 1 - You can divide your total fees by 2 and pay for them in June & July and then you would just pay your tuition August through May.  Option 2 - You can divide your total fees by 5 and add them to your monthly tuition Aug - Dec.  Then pay just tuition Jan - May.

Extra Costs for Competition Teams

Warm-Ups                                     $120.00-$175.00
Eyelashes                                        $10.00
Earrings                                           $15.00
Make-up                                           $15.00-$20.00
Convention (Company Teams)    $300.00 - $400.00


45 minutes/week

This class can be added to the Core for $15/month

Spring Costume:                          $80.00